Weekly Programs

Weekly Programs:

1.Saturday after Fajr until Shuruq: Discussion on Fiqh Sunnah (in English)

Open to public. We discuss Fiqh Sunnah book written by Syaikh Sayyid Sabiq.

2. Sunday after Fajr until Shuruq: Tahsinul Quran (in English)

Open to public. This program is guided by Brother Hyder Aljanabi (co Imam of Masjid Istiqlal) and Syaikh Saleh Aljanabi. In this program the Syaikh explains/tutors the correct pronunciation of Arabic letter and the rules in reading the Qur’an. Attendee sit in circle and each will read 1 or 2 ayahs. Any mistake will be corrected right away.

3. Tuesday after Maghrib until Isha: Tajweed anf Tafseer Al Quran (in English)

Open to public. This program is a mixture between reading Qur’an correctly and tafseer of the surah being read. This program focus in the last chapter (Juz 30) of the Qur’an.

4. Friday after Maghrib until Isha: Halaqa (in Indonesian)

Open to public. This program discuss general issue

5. Friday between Ashr and Maghrib: Soccer, Volley Ball, Archery.

Open to public. These are family games not a competitive ones. All ages play the same game.

6. Saturday between 11 AM – 1:20 PM: Qur’anic Weekend School (in English)

Open to public. The school offer three sessions: Qur’an reading, Qur’an memorization, Islamic Studies.


Biweekly Programs


  1. Saturday between Magrib and Isha: Halaqa (in English) : Open to public. Discuss general issue.
  2. Wednesday morning until duhr: Sister Halaqa (in Indonesian) Open to group member only. Several Indonesian Sister Group hold Halaqa at the Masjid alternately.

Monthly Program

  1. Saturday: Sister Empowerment (In mix language depends on the instructor) :

    Open to public, some times there is small fee which goes directly to support the Masjid. This program offer short, hands on course on some skills gears toward empower the sisters in various aspects of live.

  2. Weekend day: General Studies (In mix language depends on the instructor) :

    Open to public. In this program we invite expert in various subjects to speak with the objective to increase awareness and knowledge of the jama’ah.